We Are

Basis is a technology-enabled broker and market place, specializing in Currencies, Commodities, and Digital assets (Fiat-settled derivatives*). We optimize client needs, cutting edge technologies, and in-depth market expertise for unparalleled access to global markets, products, and services, across time zones and geographies.
Our unique approach allows us to effectively service and support large financial and non-financial corporates and Family Offices.


We level the playing field for financial markets participants by clearly understanding client needs and delivering leading-edge technologies with a broad product range, alongside deep market insights.


Collaborative but not Encumbered
Responsive but not Reactionary
Transparent but not Permeable
Innovative but not Over zealous
Long term but never Stale


More About Our Services


More than 200 currency pairs across developed and emerging markets for cash and derivative products.

Metals, Energy and Agricultural Commodities

Our experts work directly with commercial hedgers and investors, using the best in proprietary pricing technology to analyze client needs and develop strategies to achieve superior results in industrial and precious metals as well as energy and agricultural commodities.


Seamless access to 100+ instruments, custom pricing, block trading, and 24 hour streaming prices.


We offer CFDs on stocks and equity indices, in addition to currencies and commodities.